What entertains…

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Boredom is one of man’s greatest enemies.It cannot  be kept at bay for ever.People engage in things of interest to them to overcome this common enemy.In other words,they seek to entertain themselves.

What may be entertaining to one may be outright boring to another. Nevertheless, man has succeeded in inventing or rather,discovering ways of entertainment.Newer activities of entertainment are formed every day.The latest of these inventions being  fidget spinners.

But one wonders,with those hundreds of new means of entertainment every year,how can boredom ever disturb us.It should have been wiped out of people’s mind.But it still takes root in one,causing one to be restless.

With the latest innovations flooding the market just for the satisfaction of man,the older and arguably more reliable means of entertainment are still up and running.An example is books-The uniquely portable magic. None can ever forget the pleasure of reading a good book,being swept into those world by the author’s magical words,and the dread as well as the anticipation to finish it off.

But alas,boredom still creeps up on you and you are left in a depressing stage.

On the contrary,boredom can be seen as the time to take your mind off entertainment and practice the art of idleness.The time when you are doing nothing but still feels satisfied.Sometimes just being you is entertaining enough.

Being possessive…what it takes

Possessiveness is defined as” a desire to control or dominate another ,especially in order to limit that person’s relationships with others”.While some may be of the opinion that it arises out of true love,I believe that true love would always liberate instead of control.

Possessiveness arises out of one’s own insecurities.The fear of losing someone you love is the root cause behind it. This results in an overwhelming desire to control them and to stop them from mingling with the world.Every one of us would have felt this feeling for atleast one person in their life. While the knowledge that it is not wrong to be possessive can free you from a lot of anxiety and nervousness, it is also not one to be revered.

This feeling is like cancer.It feeds on your insecurities and fears and consumes you as a whole making you even more insecure.It can affect those relationships which you cherish .The more possessive you become,the more you hurt yourself and your relationship.

True love for  a person means that you trust the person wholeheartedly and believing in the principle of letting go. Do not let go of your relationships but of your desire to control. Realise that it is okay to feel possessive or insecure and it is not your fault.Everybody is insecure in some or the other way. Believe that what is yours will  be yours no matter what. Sometimes letting go is the best choice.

Do what makes you feel good about yourself.Love yourself ‘coz you wouldn’t be able to love someone else wholeheartedly if you don’t love someone who is going to be thee with you for your entire life.Celebrate impermanence.Understand that nothing is permanent and every relationship is got to end sometime or the other. Letting go will make you feel more content and happy and helps you live life to the fullest.


The most possessive people love you the most.But they also suffer the most..

No one is worth more than you inner peace.Trust me.pexels-photo-700701.jpeg

Things to feel happy about

We all have a lot to be thankful for, but rarely do.When compared to millions  people out there,we are all incredibly lucky.At least all those people using the net to read blogs are.None of us are in desperate need of food,medicine or shelter.But many of us are in need of many other essentials in life .Just because I don’t starve doesn’t mean I don’t suffer.But we’ll discuss all that later.

Right now,it is time for us to feel happy and thankful for all that we have.These are 50 things I’m happy about.#50 Happy Things.

1.My family.For their never ending support and love.

2.My mom(special love)for bracing me for the harsh,rough world.

3.My BFFs. Even though we are apart I know I will always have your hands to hold and your shoulders to lean on.

4.My new school and my new classmates. B*** changed me a lot(not mentioning the school name).

5.My new school friends.You are are wonderful.

6.My friend N***.I’m not mentioning your name but thank you for trusting me so much and showing me that goodness still exits in this world.

7. My co-writer/blogger(those are still plans)for introducing me to a lot many things.

8. My over-reacting,under controlled friend.You taught me that a little laugh is all you need at times.

9.All those books.I literally escape reality with them.

10.My future pets(I’m not allowed to have one right now).I love you.

11.All those injustice against women which made a feminist.

12.#Me Too Hashtag and all those women who realise nothing is their fault.

13.School bus journeys.I process everything inside my head then.

14.Day dreams which are never going to happen .lol.

15.Singing and acting soundlessly under the shower.

16.Buzzfeed quizzes .Those are fun.

17. Pinterest. For all those amazing quotes.

18.All those daily adventures.

19.Lunch…and throwball.

20. My ever irritating sister.You are the best.

21.My ex-crush.For proving you are an a******.

22.All those zodiac personality sites.Those seriously lifted  my spirits.Did I mention I’m Scorpio?

23.My nosy relatives.You made it an such an absolute necessity,that I had no way but defeat you(wicked laugh).

24. Dramionie…I seriously ship it.

25.The beautiful Summers(though the Sun gave me pimples)It made me want to stay out all day.

26.Autumns.It showed me letting go is beautiful too.

27.Winters.For making me want to sleep forever.zzz

28.Rains.How can I not feel thankful for it?They inspire,energise and make me nostalgic all at once.

29.The Sun.For streaming through my window onto my bed and making warm while I had a cold.

30.All those idiotic jokes cracked by me but no one almost always understood what it meant.

31.All those tears which gave me strength to face the world again.

32.Luna Lovegood. For teaching me that being yourself is far more interesting that being a copy.

33.Those walks around the school.Had a lot of action going on.*wink*

34.The lake.It was so beautiful.Tranquil.

35.That lone tree on the school grounds.It taught me that phoenixes are not the only creatures which rise from the ashes.

36.The Universe.I believe that my wishes would be answered.

37.Magic.It is still there in life.

38.Severus Snape. Always.

39.All those Dandelions.They make me smile each time I see them.

40.Menstruation.For reminding me how beautiful womanhood is.

41.Teenage.Trust me.It’s beautiful.

42.My cousins.Even though you guys are irritating,I’ll give you this much-you guys anchor me with my childhood.

43.My ego.For making me  say “watch me”when somebody says “you will not be able to do it”

44.Music.For helping me unwind.

45.Festivals.They seriously bring people together.

46.Nights.I love how beautiful they are.

47.The sky.I love to lay on my terrace sky watching .

48.God.Even though I’m not much of a believer, I still believe you exist.

49.Poetry.I don’t write it well,but I still believe what makes poems beautiful is that so much of emotions are expressed through so little words.

50.Self.That’s one person I’m grateful to.Self love is always what we need.

Finding happiness in the simplest things in life will ultimately lead to peace and tranquility.I wish all those people out there happiness and love.Love you all…

First blog post

Hey guyss…

I am Avalonia and this is something I’ve started to share what I think with all you wonderful people out there.

As a teenager,I go through every one of its perks and I would like the world know who I am and  what I think about life.

I’ll be updating my blog every week..there will be special features on special days too…!!!

So take care till my next blog..

See you alll..